As a result of the CHP law (KWK-Gesetz 2016) the federal government funds the extension of highly efficient CHP systems.

A mini CHP produces electricity and heat from natural gas decentralised (9 to 50 kWel). The electricity can be used on-site of fed into the national grid against remuneration. The heat arising is used to heat water or for drying, melting, steaming and other processes.

We supply our mini CHP as a turnkey compact module with integrated control and regulation technology. The funding period for mini CHP (below 50 kWel) is 60,000 of full utilisation.

The benefits:

  • Government funding
  • Energy costs savings due to high efficiency
  • Contribution to environmental protection by reducing the C=2 emissions

Typical areas of use:

  • Heating networks
  • Farms
  • Shopping centres
  • Administrative and office buildings
  • Swimming baths
  • Industry
  • Hotels