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Biomethane / natural gas CHP, combined heat and power coupling

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Heat - power - coupling (CHP) transforms mechanical energy into electrical and thermal energy - namely decentralised. An ideal possibility to define your energy consumption and costs yourself.

With the heat-energy you can heat rooms and process water, cool stores, and keep food fresh. Use your own electricity on-site! Or feed your electricity into the national grid and have it paid for according to the CHP (combined heat and power) law.

Electricity and heat consumption is tailor-made for you via combined heat and power plants - natural gas or biomethane CHP.

We make every kind of installation possible for you.

  • Container
  • Concrete noise hood
  • Machine house
  • Existing buildings

Compared with other sources of energy, neither soot nor high quantities of CO are generated during the combustion of natural gas.2. You get the natural gas from the national grid so that the existing infrastructure can be utilised.

As a result of their high efficiency combined heat and power plants (CHP) contribute to the climatic protection. This is acknowledged by the legislative in the current combined heat and power law (KWKG 2016).