Grüner Bogen
Grüner Bogen

Operating consortium as an alternative to the farm power station

Dr. Arndt von der Lage

Managing director
Heinfelder Naturstrom GmbH & Co. KG, Heinfelder Bioenergie GmbH & Co. KG

“At bwe they know what’s to be done at any given time and how to do it. A really great relief!“ 

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Business people, farmers and investors joined forces in 2006 to operate two bwe biogas plants in Heinfelde near Friesoythe with a total capacity of 3,918 kW. A satellite CHP that generates an additional 500 kW is connected. The location has been declared a special zone, so that here higher capacities are permitted than on agricultural land.

Recycling of perishable food leftovers

The two systems are fed in different ways. Whilst the “Heinfelder Naturstrom” generates energy from animal excrement and renewable raw materials, the “Heinfelder Bioenergie” ferments above all slaughterhouse waste, fodder leftovers and perishable foodstuffs from the gastronomy. The input for these waste systems comes from the surrounding industrial and business operations.

Biomethane treated to natural gas quality

About 600 metres from the waste system a biomethane treatment plant with a treatment capacity of 500 Nm³ and 350 Nm³ input capacity is operated supported by a CHP. Thus natural gas that can be fed into the grid is generated. The plant is so designed that fermentation residues, maize and grain can be dried respectively sanitised.

The satellite CHP with a capacity of 500 kW is on land used for agricultural purposes at a distance of about two kilometres. It supplies the stalls and the residential buildings with electricity and heat. The gas from the “Heinfelder Naturstrom” plant serves as input. Since 2007 the utilisation has been stable. 

Modification of controllers by bwe electro-technicians.

In 2014 bwe Energiesysteme extended the plant by 889 kW and took care of the electrical and thermal connection of the satellite CHP. Additional containers and pumps were also added, so that the controller had to be renewed completely - also a bwe in-house service.

Technical data
Year of construction: 2006
Large system Heinfelder Naturstrom 3 x FE (each 2,700m³), 1 x FRS (4,000 m³), 1 x FRS (6,000 m³) FE = Fermenter FRS = Fermentation Residue Store
Large system Heinfelder Bioenergie3 x FE (each 2,700m³), 1 x FRS (4,000 m³), 1 x FRS (6,000 m³) FE = Fermenter FRS = Fermentation Residue Store
System capacity Heinfelder Naturstrom835 kW (2006) + 889 kW (2014) + 526 kW (satellite 2007)
System capacity Heinfelder Bionenergie1,064 kW (2006) + 1,130 kW (2011) + 550 Nm³ Gas treatment