Waste systems, disposal

The organic waste represents a high percentage among the waste generated daily in a city or municipality. Population increase and unsustainable waste treatments such as Landfills, are becoming a considerable problem for local governments and creating a huge impact on the environment.

For more than 15 years bwe has been designing, planning and building an economical solution through biogas technology which is operated using food leftovers from industry, communal organic waste, slaughterhouse waste, fodder remnants and other organic waste. 

The biogas generated can be used as energy source for electricity through a CHP where the extra heat can be recovered and used for other process. Biogas can also be upgraded and used as bio methane to be injected in the national grid or else used as vehicle fuel. Furthermore, the fermentation residue can be used as a valuable organic fertilizer.   

Each plant and each material has its own challenge. Thanks to bwe long experience on the field, most of this challenges have become a success story proven by achieving each year so far an award to the most efficient AD plants in the UK.

Example from practical experience