Malfunction concept

Biogas plants with a gas storage volume of above 7,692 m³ (10,000 kg) must, in accordance with the 12th. Federal Emissions Protection Act (BImSchG), have a concept for the prevention of failures.

bwe Energiesysteme have developed a concept that corresponds to the relevant requirements of the monitoring and control authorities. In normal day to day operation it can be implemented in the form of a practical safety management system.

How you benefit:

  • trouble-free operation
  • low costs as a result of smooth running processes
  • transparent operational organisation
  • easier cooperation with the monitoring and control authorities.

You are on the safe side with bwe Energiesysteme:

We look at the circumstances on-site.
We develop the concept.
We support you during the implementation of the safety management system.
We evaluate the measures implemented at regular intervals-