Grüner Bogen
Grüner Bogen

Large project boosts economically underdeveloped region in eastern Germany

Rolf Dörrenbächer (†)

Executive vice-president
Steinhoff Familienholding GmbH

“Despite the very very short construction phase of approximately six months, the biogas plant was erected very competently and could be attached to the grid according to plan. bwe was always available and in a position to solve any problems that occurred during the building phase. That the system in this form runs to our complete satisfaction is bwe’s achievement.” 

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The biogas park in Felgentreu consists of ten autonomous systems and is operated by the Steinhoff family holding from Westerwede. Felgentreu is in Brandenburg about 50 km south of Berlin. Rye, maize and Sudan grass, which are especially suitable for ensiling and promise a high yield, are used as input materials. The raw materials come from their own land. 

Greenhouse complex on ten hectares

The electrical capacity of the system is 8.44 MW. The thermal capacity is around 7.2 MW. The excess heat is used to heat offices and communal rooms as well as a 10 hectare large greenhouse complex for cucumber and tomatoes.

Closed system

The electricity for this also comes from a biogas plant. The fermentation residues are spread on their own fields, so that in Felgentreu it is a closed system, in which all resources used are retained in the circulation. That is ecologically as well as economically lucrative. 

Jobs created.

The operation of biogas plants contributes towards maintaining jobs and creating new jobs in the economically underdeveloped region. 90 full-time and part-time jobs have been created in the company and an additional nine jobs in the direct operation of the system.

Technical data
Year of construction:2007 / 2008
Capacity: 10x 844 kWel, 7,2 MWth
Input materials: NaWaRo (renewable raw materials)