Grüner Bogen
Grüner Bogen

Slaughterhouse: High demand for warm water in the production

Günther Timmermester

Plan manager
Versandschlachthof Lähden
Ficker & Henke GmbH

“bwe knows a lot about large systems and CHP - and was, in spite of the tight schedule, in a position to complete the order at short notice. We had, in the past, already had very positive experiences. The people are technically up to date - and are the right ones for tricky assignments.”

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The demand for warm water for cleaning, processing and disinfecting, is especially high in slaughterhouses. For the Versandschlachthof Lähden Ficker & Henke GmbH in the Emsland district, Lower Saxony, the use of biogas and CHP is the ideal solution. 

Heat reservoirs for factory shutdowns

For many years now the slaughterhouse has been benefiting from the excess heat from its own biogas production. In the immediate vicinity, at a distance of 500 metres, there is a bwe biogas plant. A 2 x 360 kW CHP heats the water for the slaughtering operation. 

In order to store the heat produced by the CHP during the five hour factory shutdown,  bew installed a 100 cubic metre heat storage (buffer reservoir) in the vicinity of the slaughterhouse. Thus that what was stored overnight can be used during the day. The result: Instead of the 600 kW thermal capacity the slaughterhouse now has around 1100 kWth available.

80 per cent cost reductions 

2013/14 bwe designed a new heat distribution. Extensions within the slaughterhouse location led to an increase in the heating requirements, so that in 2015 bwe installed an additional 500 kW CHP system as a satellite near the slaughterhouse. Consequently the use of the natural gas boiler could be reduced by 80 per cent. For the Versandschlachthof Lähden Ficker & Henke GmbH this means: 80 per cent less costs for purchased energy: