Grüner Bogen
Grüner Bogen

Local and district heat network for a large industrial estate.

Hendrik Unland

Managing director
UNLAND International GmbH

“We want to use energy resources as economically as possible and have realised a system that is proven to produce economically and cleanly. At the same time it was very important to us that the operation runs trouble-free, without failures and down-times.”

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At the request of our customer a district heat network with a transmission route length of 5000 metres was installed in a large industrial estate. In doing so bwe extended an existing local heat network to such an extent that the complete industrial estate could be supplied with heat. Centrepiece of the district heat network is an energy central from which electrotechnology and heating for the industrial estate is controlled. In order to cushion power fluctuations in the network a buffer storage of 57 cubic metres was integrated.

Eco-power from biomethane

Above and beyond this bwe planned and the laid the pipeline system for the district heat network and installed three biomethane CHPs. These generate electricity as well as heat - and that with a power of 1.2 MW for each CHP.

It is now possible for our customer to generate 100 per cent eco-power and to market it directly. The heat is used for their own manufacturing locations as well as for external firms.

In the main part of the customer’s own buildings bwe Energiesysteme subsequently laid service connections and erected eleven transfer stations to utilise the heat.

Everything came from bwe

For the globally operating manufacturing company bwe Energiesyteme took on the complete installation and extension of the local and district heat network - from the project planning, through realisation and project planning to the acceptance planning.


Technical data
Construction period2014 to 2016
Power of a total of 3 CHP: 3.6 MWel + 3.7 MWth
Fuel: Biomethane from Germany
Energy central / control10 x 10 x 4 m
Pipeline for district heatingca. 5.000 metres