Anyone generating electricity from biogas must ensure that no biogas is released. Additional gas consumption systems are therefore a must.

The solutions: the heat container conceived by bwebwe. It offers safety in the event of operational malfunctions or downtime as a result of maintenance. This ensures an uninterrupted supply for operators of local and district heating networks in all situations. For high consumers the heat container canbwe be connected as a peak load boiler.

It pays out in Euros and Cents if the peak load is covered and, at the same time, if heat can be provided permanently.

The advantages of our heat containerbwe:

  • compact container construction
  • fully automatic controller (autonomous mode of operation)
  • Capacity range above 250 kWth
  • Construction and controller correspond to the latest safety technology.
  • Use as a peak load boiler and gas torch
  • Warranty for the provision of heat
  • Possibility for securing the process heat