Grüner Bogen
Grüner Bogen

High efficiency - less input This saves resources.

Hubert Taubenheim

Managing director
Taubenheim Biogas GmbH & Co. KG

The pig and chicken fattener Hubert Taubenheim thought big right from the start. In 2010 when he started with a bwe 250 kW biogas plant, he always had his sights on a later extension. In 2016, under changed legal conditions, he realised his plans - this time with a flexibilisation of his plant. Focus was now on the expansion of the heating network on the farm.

Heating peaks for rearing

The agricultural operation is in Neuscharrel in Lower Saxony, not far from bwe Energiesysteme. bwe installed an additional CHP with 250 kW as an increment to the original combined heat and power plant. In future the system will continue to generate 250 kW of electricity, but now also needs-based heat for the pigsties and the chicken sheds. For the rearing of chicks the demand for heat increases significantly in the first six weeks. Hubert Taubenheim is now in the position of not having to purchase any additional natural gas. The thermal capacity of the new CHP completely covers the peak demand in his own operation.

System in continuous operation

A further advantage of the second CHP is that one can run the system flexibly. That means; the ability to react to the power demand on the market at all times. The provider can have this capacity paid for at a higher price. The second motor makes it possible for the existing system to now run continuously. Even during maintenance and repair at least one CHP is in operation. The new combined heat and power plant also has a two per cent higher efficiency so that less input materials - in this case maize - are required.

Technical data
Year of construction: 2016
Capacity 2 CHP 265 kWth / 250 kWel
Input materials:Pig slurry, chicken excrement, maize from the own cultivation
Size of the plant3 x Ø 22 m, height: 6 m