These four errors of reasoning, concerning electricity and heat, are made by almost everybody.
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The cost of energy is rising and there’s nothing I can do about it.

But you can! With self produced electricity and heat you are in charge of your energy costs - and, at the same time part of the ecological energy transition!

A conversion isn’t worth it for us.

But in most cases it is! This is especially true for industry, trade and agriculture - for companies and operations of every size.
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Producing energy doesn’t concern me.

A decentralised energy production could also be the solution for you. If not on your own, then perhaps in an operating consortium.
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New systems? Too complicated. Too unreliable. Too many parties involved.

This is not true. bwe Energiesysteme GmbH & Co. KG, with its own employees, covers the complete spectrum around electricity and heat generation and stands for safety and trouble free operation.

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Verlängerung Flex-Deckel!

Der Flexdeckel wird bis zum 31. Juli 2021 verlängert. Für mehr Informationen hier klicken!

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New construction 75 kW Farmpowerstation

Latest project

150 kW in Northern Ireland

The first week of June 2017 a 150 kW biogas plant start injecting energy to the grid. The plant is located in Dungannon region and produces biogas through manure and grass. Despite time constrains, the erection of the plant was on time to achieve the fixed date to get the government subsidies!