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Handling waste

Do large quantities of unusable organic materials accumulate - mixed up food leftovers, packaged foodstuffs from discounters, fast-food chains or organic waste bins? You would like to recycle these remains in an intelligent manner? You are investing with the perspective of a profitable remuneration for electricity supplied to the public grid, state support and tax benefits? You need heat for production processes or to heat your buildings? Fertiliser, compost or useful chemical substances such as formic acid are to be made from organic waste?

Or you don’t know what to do with your fermentation residues? Your stores are getting close to the limit of their capacity, and new laws are forcing you to act?

Upcycling to higher-grade substances

Gas and subsequently electricity that can be profitably fed in to the grid can be made from organic materials. This is one of many possibilities of using surplus from agriculture or remains from industrial processing or gastronomy for a higher-grade product. bwe develops exactly the solution that matches your objectives. Plant construction from A to Z. Complex sub-tasks. And also individual components such as modification of control systems or optimisation of biological processes.

Very promising bwe unpacking technology

In Great Britain organic waste plants using bwe technology have been established in many towns. With the help of this technology organic waste is cleanly separated from packaging material. The organic waste is ideal as an input for bio-gas plants.

Drying system empties the store

Process heat can be used in many ways. For example to remove water from the fermentation residues. The Benefit: The volume shrinks and the stores are emptied. Drying systems from bwe Energiesysteme can, however, do a lot more: They sanitize and pasteurise fermentation residues und thus create a germ-free base material for further use.