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Process biology

The input material in the fermenter in your biogas plant has to be transformed effectively? So, that for excellent results you don’t even large quantities of raw materials? You want to be sure that the micro-bacterial are getting enough nutrients to work optimally? The fermentation process should function as trouble-free as possible? At a constant quality - without acidification? In doing so no voluminous fermentation residues should be left over? You would like to gain the maximum methane content from your organic material? And that with the least effort and costs?

You need process-biological support that you can rely on - and that is not even expensive?

How micro-organisms affect the gas yield

In your fermenter highly specialised micro-orgasms degrade the organic mass step by step to biogas. This multitude of millions of workers can only successfully work for you if their metabolism is maintained. For this you need trace elements, enzymes, ferrous salts and other materials. If these are completely or partly missing the fermentation process is destroyed. Quality and quantity of the biogas production drops; the mass in the fermenter starts to acidify.  

bwe process aids at reasonable conditions

The process biologists and chemists from bwe Energiesysteme have set themselves the target of persuading highest performance from the micro-organisms. The process aids developed by them bwe MethanAktiv Basis, Medium and Pro contribute to a stable fermentation process and thus to a high gas yield. The recipes are attuned to the requirements of the micro-organisms in the respective fermenter. You can get the trace elements for as little as 4.95 Euro per day and fermenter.

You will benefit from the special conditions with our partner laboratories. Whether single examination or a discounted analysis package bwe stay true to its motto: As little as possible, as much as necessary.