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Energy transport

You want a well thought out heat concept? You need heat somewhere else and not where it is created? Perhaps you even want to get together as a communal consortium to mutually use the decentralised generated heat? Are complicated distribution systems necessary for this? You need piping and connections for the district heating supply? You are looking for an optimal solution for the transport of thermal and electrical energy in connection with water, substrates, lubricants or various gases? You need safe steps for your outdoor facilities?

bwe brings heat from A to B

Our heating technicians work with technical understanding and care based on many years of experience. They design ingenious systems, above ground and underground, build and install pipelines in various materials. They ensure the heat gets to where its needed over long distances via interlaced networks.

Pipes, steel and safety

A lot has to function in interaction - and be safe. Thus, heating installation, energy transport and steel construction interact. bwe specialists install platforms, stairs and railings on outdoor facilities. They protect your employees from accidents and falls.