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Electricity and heat

Does electricity and heating cost you a fortune? You want to significantly reduce your consumption and energy costs - perhaps because your production is electricity and energy intensive? You struggle with your energy supplier’s price politics? You, and perhaps your neighbour, would like to make yourselves independent of the centralised power supplier? You plan to air condition rooms or to heat waste water - above all, economically. Food stores and fresh-food shelves should be kept cool? You think about resources and the environment? Or do you want to earn money with energy? 

Returns and tax advantages

The perspective of remuneration for power input and the tax benefits are undisputed advantages of combined heat and power plants (CHP). 

Two to three times the energy yield 

This technology, with its dual energy yield - power and heat - is, however, unbeatable. Due to the fact that the excess heat from generating electricity is used for heating or cooling and air conditioning, a highly efficient circulatory system is created with efficiencies of up to 95 per cent. Nothing is lost, almost of the fuel used is transformed. 

Above all, energy intensive production sectors such as in the food industry, but also in gastronomical businesses, canteens, hotels, swimming baths, shopping centres and agricultural operations, all with similar electricity and heat/cold requirements, can significantly save resources by using co-generation of heat and power (CHP) and co-generation of cold and power (CCP). 

Contribution to climate protection

Thereby the CO emission is reduced,2which benefits the environment and climate - in short everybody benefits.

Master of energy costs

A further great advantage of the combined heat and power plants is the decentralised supply. The operator can thus become almost completely independent of the energy suppliers and their energy price politics.

Technically less prone to breakdowns

Combined heat and power plants are robust, not liable to breakdown and technically highly developed. Today inspection, control and maintenance are possible via the internet.

Service specialists from bwe

bwe has been using co-generation of heat and power from the very start. Over the years we have learnt to appreciate the great benefits in many different ways. Our staff are service specialists for all large CHP manufacturers and are continuously being trained. For this reason bwe is in a position to competently look after third-party systems.