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Control, automation

You are faced with complex electro-technical challenges? Much has changed and the controller must be adapted? You have to automate processes - and that in such a manner that they are controllable in your own company? And can be understood at a glance? You have to be able to rely to 100 per cent on all the cogs in the machine working trouble-free? That the motors, pumps, devices, systems run - and nothing breaks down? And if the unexpected happens, that the problems are quickly recognised and fixed in a short time - at any time, day or night?

Energy management by bwe

bwe has highly qualified employees available - a team that has earned its merits for more than 15 years in the extremely challenging energy management of biogas and industrial systems.

Interlocking know-how

One strength is the intensive interlocking with technical experts from other bwe industrial sectors. Our employees have extensive experience in project management, implementation and controlling of switching and controller systems. Safety and reliability are at the top of the list.