Modification of controllers

Modification of controllers means renewing the automation technology and visualisation.

With modern controlling technology

  • you protect the ongoing operation against breakdowns
  • and extensive reporting and evaluation functions are available. With these records and protocols are child’s play.
  • a complete remote maintenance is possible. You avoid downtimes and travelling costs.
  • recognise the processes at a glance. There are no non-transparent isolated solutions, if your plant is extended or converted
  • your plant fulfils the functional safety requirements (IEC61508)

bwe Energiesysteme places experienced electrical engineers and programmers, that are specialised in controller conversions and system processes, at your disposal. Our programmes and visualisation templates have been developed and optimised over many years.

A project manager is always your contact person. If malfunctions unexpectedly occur, a competent emergency service specialist is there for you round the clock.

Controller programmes and visualisation are tailor-made according to your specifications and tested in-house. The actual conversion of the controller is done in a short time, after only two days the most important controlling functions are again available. After completion of the work our specialists give you and your employees a comprehensive training on the operation and visualisation of the system.