Drying system

bwe Energiesysteme finds the right system for you for the treatment of fermentation residue or for drying divers agricultural products.

Reduce nutrient problems!

Optimise the management of the fermentation residue and storage capacity!

Use the heat as best possible!

To achieve the objectives, there is a choice of following treatment technologies:

  • Separators
  • Fermentation residue dryer
  • Belt dryer
  • Treatment of the liquid portion in the fermentation residues

We support you:

  • in the conception, design and approval planning
  • during the technical connection - on the substrate side, heating and electrical
  • around controller and visualisationbwe
  • in all stages up to the turnkey implementation of the plant

bwe Energiesysteme works independent of manufacturers to define the optimal technical solution for your business. 

Example from practical experience