75 kW Farmpowerstationbwe

Since 2001 bwe has been erecting 75 kW plants in all variants. More than 20 bwe farm power stations are in operation; many more are in the planning. 

From 01. January 2017  75kW plants are remunerated at 23.14 Cent/kWh in the direct marketing. On the 1st. of each quarter the remuneration is reduced by 0.5 per cent compared to the previous quarter. 

Be quick and make sure of the high remunerations!

The small systems are possible in the following constellations:

  • Type 1: Fermenter and (existing) fermentation residue store
  • Type 2: Fermenter with concrete ceiling and fermentation residue store
  • Type 3: Fermenter and open fermentation residue store
  • Type 4: Fermenter and existing slurry lagoon
  • Type 5: Pot-in-pot system